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We are located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Canada, 

in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. 

Our dogs are raised on a small acreage, surrounded by bush. 

Our family has been involved in raising dogs our entire lives, mostly large breeds. When we happened to come upon the Hovawart breed it changed our lives and our hearts forever!

Our first Hovawart (male) lived to be over 15 years,  he was an excellent guardian for our livestock on our 75-acre farm as well as a wonderful companion to our children.

We believe in this breed so much that we decided to start breeding the Hovawart.

We went to Slovenia, Europe to bring back to North America our 3rd Hovawart with the intention to breed her and increase the population of this rare, loyal and wonderful breed. 

After extensive testing involved we have whelped 2 litters from Dheelis Grofje Celski and from those litters have kept one female from each litter for our breeding stock.


We are members of the Canadian Hovawart Club which is a member of the International Hovawart Club and also the Canadian Kennel Club

our kennel

Dheelis Grofje Celjski


Call name Dyla

Born: July 24, 2015

Celje, Slovenia

excellent in 4 temperament tests

excellent for hips & elbows, eyes, thyroid, heart, negative for DM

Whelped 2 litters

Annie of HovisbyHart Estate


Call name:  ZsaZsa

Born:  March 4, 2018

Passed excellent in 2 conformation and temperament  tests 

Not ready for breeding, still has to go through all her medical testing after 2nd birthday.

Brezovo of HovisbyHart Estate


Call name:  Molly

Born:  May 15, 2019

Amazing sweet temperament and personality 

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